Hyaluronic Acid Case

For a longer time, my face looks more flat and sunken, so it makes me look more tired and exhausted. After doing the result online, I found out that it is able to fix my problem by injecting Hyaluronic Acid. And the price is affordable so this is why I choose to inject Hyaluronic Acid.And the price is affordable so this is why I choose to inject Hyaluronic Acid.

I inject Hyaluronic Acid into apple cheeks and I didn't feel any uncomfortable after it. After treatment, my friends told me I look younger and prettier and the result is so natural!From now, I don’t need to edit my photo that much because the Hyaluronic Acid it helping me to filler my sunken part and I am really satisfied with this result.

Because my chin is a bit short, that’s why my face is not pronounced facial features. Plus I hope that I can live in a more confident way just like all influencers I saw on Instagram. My friend suggests that I can inject Hyaluronic Acid into my chin to improve my problem.

After the treatment, my face look more pronounced facial features and the ratio of the face is become better, that how I start to build my confident.No only the result is good, but the result also can last for a long time, and that’s why I recommend Hyaluronic Acid!

Because my blood circulation is not working well, that’s why my lip always looks pale. Because of this problem, I usually need to apply heavy makeup to cover my problem.Plus my lip is a bit thin, so I decide to inject Hyaluronic Acid into my lip to improve all these problems.

The doctor injects Hyaluronic Acid into the apex of the cupid’s bow,cupid’s bow and lip tubercle. After the treatment, my lip becomes thick and facial features. So from now, I only need to apply lip balm or lip gloss and I look natural and confident!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a gooey, slippery substance that your body produces naturally. And hyaluronic acid can be used throughout the body, especially in the eyes, joints, and skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin stretch and flex and reduces skin wrinkles and lines and facelifts.

Hyaluronic Acid is highly hydrophilicity, it able to absorb a lot of moisture. For 1 molecule it contains time by 500 moisture. It is just like a sponge able to keep moisture and give our skin moisturize at the same time.

Moisture remains on the skin15%-30%

Lower than 15% - dry, scaly

Higher than 30% - Sticky

Hyaluronic Acid is like the moisture monitor

Help skin to maintain moisture is between 25%-30%

Keep skin moisturize and skin elasticity

The 3 features of Hyaluronic Acid



Hyaluronic Acid is high ductility and malleability, it can improve the skin's sunken and keep the skin moisturized. It is a non-invasive treatment and it is no need for any recovery period. Can fix the whole face lines and improve the face line to become sharp.


Safety and easy for the body to absorb

Hyaluronic Acid is a slippery substance that your body produces naturally so it is easy for your body to be absorbed. After injection, it can reduce wrinkles and flex your skin.


Instant result

The treatment duration is short, through injecting an accurate amount of Hyaluronic Acid, can improve your problem immediately. Based on a clinical trial, the longer result is last for 24 months.

4 brands of Hyaluronic Acid



Advantage 1 Best stretching force Optimal Balance Technology,flexible, and build your natural look

Advantage 2 Good support strength Keep the Hyaluronic Acid for high support strength

Advantage 3 Good result Restylane result can last for 2 years.Over 2500 results study and we found out a high percentage of results satisfy

Name Defyne Volyme Kysse Refyne
Ductibility ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Support strength ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★
Treatment area Apple cheeks,lip enhancement,chin Light or serious sunken part,improve wrinkles Lip enhancement Wrinkle,tear trough,fines line around lip
Result last for 2 years 2 years 12-18 months 12-18 months


Advantage 1 Easy for sculpting Juvederm texture is finer and has good ductility.So the treatment result will be finely too

Advantage 2 Hypoallergenic Juvederm can be absorbed and metabolized by our body 100%.So it’s totally safe and hypoallergenic

Name Voluma Volift Vobella Volite Ultra Plus
Cross linking High Medium Low and medium Low High
Result Improve sunken skin Improve deep layer of wrinkle Improve shallow layer of fine lines around lip Moisturize deeper layers of skin Improve medium,heavy sunken part
Treatment area Cheek,chin,apple cheek Nasolabial folds,crow’ s feet,neck wrinkle Lip enhancement,marionette line,crow’s feet The whole face,moisturize part of the face Wrinkles
Result last for 18-24 months 18-24 months 12 months 9 months 12 months


Advantage 1 Cross-linking technology Hyadermis mini crystal have better skin support, it can flex the wrinkle and for facelift

Advantage 2 Good value Save the inject amount, affordable price

Name Chic Smile Kiss Blink
Result Improve face line Fill the sunken and wrinkle Lip enhancement, improve shallow layer of fine lines around the lip Improve tear trough and wrinkle on the face
Support strength ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★
Treatment area Cheek enhancement,nose and chin sculpting Apple cheeks,crow’s feet,nasolabial folds Lip enhancement,apple cheeks,wrinkle in a shallow layer Tear trough,eye socket,around eye
Result last for 12-18 months 8-12 months 6-8 months 6 months


Advantage 1 High viscoelasticity Natural treatment result, and good for face sculpting.No easy for a lump

Advantage 2 Skin moisturize It contains glycerol and will generate a protector for keeping your skin moisturize

Advantage 3 Sterilizer technology Reduce the infection circumstance after inject

Name Rich Filler Volume
Result Moisturize Reduce wrinkle Face sculpting
Treatment area Improve wrinkle around eye and forehead Lip enhancement,small area of apple cheek,improve deep layer of wrinkle Improve sunken part,fill nasolabial folds and marionette line
Result last for 8-12 months 8-12 months 8-12 months

· Big molecule Hyaluronic Acid has over million molecule

It can catch a bigger amount of moisture.Mostly used for skin moisturizing and giving skin support. For face,nose,chin shape sculpting

·Medium molecule Hyaluronic Acid has 50000-100,000 of the molecule

Good for aging skin.Can use as a filler for a sunken part, such as cheek, nasolabial folds, etc.

· Small molecule Hyaluronic Acid has thousands and fifty thousand dollars of the molecule

Easy to permeate into a skin cell and reach the deepest layer of skin and giving skin moisture.Use for filling into tear trough,lip, and whole face.

Name Big molecule Hyaluronic Acid Medium molecule Hyaluronic Acid Small molecule Hyaluronic Acid
Viscosity High Medium Low
Depth of treatment Hypodermis Between dermis and hypodermis Dermis
Result of filler Fill into a big area of face line,help for face sculpting Improve skin wrinkles and give skin support strength Flex the shallow layer of wrinkle and skin moisturized
Fill area Nose,chin,nasolabial folds,forehead,apple cheeks,wrinkle Apple cheeks,nasolabial folds,,tear trough Wrinkle around eye,tear trough,lip enhancement
Result last for 2 years 1 year 6 months

Where can Hyaluronic Acid use on?

Who is not available for Hyaluronic Acid?

1. Pregnant,nursing mother,child,hepatic insufficiency or illness
2.Currently taking anticoagulant and is coagulation disorder. Recommend consult with our doctor before operation.

Matters needing attention after the operation


Within 3 days after treatment, it might be a bit swollen,itchy or soft texture. It’s totally normal,but only a few circumstances are the skin bruise,all will disappear after 5 days.


Within 1 week,please remember to skin moisturizing. Please avoid pressing or massaging the injection part.


If you inject into the nasal root, please avoid wearing glasses and press the nose.


Avoid intensive sports or going to the sauna or hot springs.


Within 1 week,recommend you can extra moisturize your skin and drink more water to speed up the recovery period.

Hyaluronic Acid FAQ

This treatment is a non-invasive treatment so you can see the instant result and it will not leave any scar!

For this treatment is no need for any recovery.But during the treatment the skin will be a bit swollen and bruised due to the injection,but it will disappear after a few days.

It depends on the size of molecules, body condition,postoperative care, and the life habit.But typically the result is last for 8-18 months.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural and stable injection.No easy for allergic or other infect reactions.And Hyaluronic Acid is easy for the body to absorb,so it’s no have any side effects.

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Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment. Work with a professional medical center-level operating room, making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

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