What is Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty is the newest generation material for nose plastic surgery. It can reduce the infection, and reject reaction circumstances. And it has smaller incisions and can shorten the recovery period.

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty using the chop up self ribs and make it become a prosthesis for the nose. Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty only needs to use 3cm ribs and it can smaller the incision by 1.5cm , becoming safer and more effective.

Process 1

Only 1.5cm incision, and remove 3cm ribs

Process 2

Replace the real skin to cover the nose

Process 3

Use the center ribs to extend the columella and sculpt

Process 4

For sculpting the bridge of the nose

Why it has many failed nose jobs?

According to the research,one in every three nose jobs needs to redo! These are the 4 main reasons for the failed nose job.



Due to the infection, immune system, implant rejection circumstance, or the tension for mucous. It mostly will be possible to cause an infection of your nose. It is important to avoid and do 100% protection before operation. At our Nice Clinic, we have a third-party-approved clean room. It can reduce the risk of infection during the operation. Also temperately quitting the smoke and avoid from air pollution can reduce the infection effectively.


Implant askew

Mostly is because the surface of the silicone implant starts to capsular contracture and it will compress the space inside your nose. The solution is needed to redo the nose job and remove the implant to build a whole new space. Can choose the Goretex and own ribs to avoid this problem.


Unfulfilled the result

Some clients will be unfulfilled for the result. Because maybe the final result is not the same as they want it to look.Such as you want the nose to look like a cocky nose but turns out the result is your nose looks like an aquiline nose.


Implant has been absorbed by the body

If not willing for using own ribs as material, it will use allogenic costal cartilage as material. Even it can build a gorgeous and solid nose. But after 6 months~1 years. Your nose will start to shrink and the solidness will start to reduce too. Especially the nose will look unnatural if you check from the side.

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty vs Traditional Ribs Nose Job

Nose Job Option Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty Traditional Ribs Nose Job
Size for incision Smaller,only 1.5 cm Bigger,3-5 cm
Length of the remove ribs 3 cm 7 cm
Result Whole pearl rhinoplasty sculpting and it's more natural Whole ribs, look more solid on the bridge of the nose
Sequelae No risk of the nose askew Risk of the nose askew
Pain Less painful Painful

The 4 Features of Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty

No infection or rejection

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty is more safety and it no has any infection or rejection

Smaller incision

Except for removing the ribs and no other incision. It can provide enough cartilage and dermis for sculpting the nose

Low risk of infection

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty has more natural result and a low risk of infection and askew

Short recovery period

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty only needs 3 cm of ribs. So it can shorten the incision by 1.5 cm and the recovery period

Different Material Compare

Material Ribs Chimera Goretex Silicone
Texture Medium Harder Soft Harder
Strength of support Best Normal Best Normal
Naturalness High Normal Nature Normal
Compatibility Complete Low High Low
Risk of infection Low Normal Low Normal
Risk of capsular contracture X High X High
Risk of displacement No easily Easy No easily Easy
Recovery period 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks
Fee High Medium High Low

Who is available for Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty

More thinner of the nose skin tissue

Been through many times of nose jobs or infections due to injections

Capsular contracture cause infection

Reject reaction to the implant

Want it to be more safety and more satisfying result

Matters needing attention after the operation


It will have a bit swollen reaction after 2-3 days. And it will disappear within 7-14 days. For the best and most natural result, it normally needs to wait for 1-3 months.


After the operation, it needs to use tape to secure the nose, not just to help sculpt, but also good for speeding up the recovery from the swollen nose.


Because of the swelling, the blood or tissue fluid might discharge until your cheek or eye area. So we suggest you can put a cold compress for 5~7 days.


Quit the smoke and drinking alcohol for 1 month after the operation. To avoid anybody's infection.


No allow for sleep on one’s stomach or wear glasses, To avoid your nose might be compressed.


You only can clear acne, squeeze and pinch your nose after 1 month.

Whole Pearl Rhinoplasty FAQ

This operation usually needs to remove 3 cm of the ribs, and the incision is 1.5 cm in length. So it can reduce the pain. But it all depend on everyone, some peoples will feel a bit uncomfortable within 2-3 days. And for high-intensity we suggest you wait for 3~6 months.

Usually, we will choose the 6th and 7th ribs. And these 2 pairs of ribs are more upright. So after 6 months from the operation, the scar will become more natural like your normal skin color.

1~3 months. It depends on different body conditions, and you can consult with our doctor for more accurate details.

Underage, pregnancy, diabetes, liver and kidney system failure, and autoimmune disease.

The operation location is only between in skin of the nose and the mucosa. It will not impact the structure of your nose, so you can breathe normally after the operation.

We do recommend you don't wear glasses for 2 weeks, because it might cause an implant or ribs displacement.

The incision might be infected, and the displacement of the implant and skin shrinking will cause the operation to fail. So the second time for the operation, it needs to clean the scar tissue inside the nose. And because the nose tissue will become hard after the nose job and the elasticity will become worst too. So it will become more difficult during the second time of operation.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment.
Work with a professional medical center-level operating room,
making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment. Work with a professional medical center-level operating room, making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

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